Kantian AGI Test

Pick an object near you. Make a list of 20 judgements about that object (e.g The table is heavy; The table is unfinished; The table is light in color, etc.) Once you have completed the list of judgements make a second list which organizes those judgements into categories pertaining to what cognitive psychologists would call […]

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Ritual Philosophy: Hintikka’s Holmes and Land’s Lovecraft

Coming soon-ish…. This paper concerns the appropriation of two fictional universes to our own: Jaakko Hintikka’s Sherlock Holmes and Nick Land’s usage of Lovecraft’s universe. This paper thus has a meta-philosophical character, exploring what these appropriations mean for philosophy. There exists an irresistible tension, to be explored, when the perfect reasoner is embedded in an […]

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The IdeaA recurring theme I find immensely hopeful, pervasive, and necessary for all of life, is the existence of many ways to arrive at the same place. This usage of ‘place’ can be literal, as in a point on a map, but my focus is more abstract: concerning the arrival to the same conclusion, achievement, […]

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Complexity Science Strategies for Conceptual Engineering

(Thesis) Abstract: The chief aim of this paper is an attempt to establish a conceptual engineering project where ‘engineering’ is taken literally. This demands a mass synthesis of discoveries made in cognitive science (conceptual processing, various theories of concepts) to provide a sense of the materials (what concepts are) along with engineering techniques found in […]

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